Citrus-O Carpet Care’s focus has always been to provide excellent cleaning results in a safe and efficient manner. One of the most important ways we have achieved this is by basing all of our cleaning solutions on d’limonene- the oil extracted from the orange. Citrus just happens to be Mother Nature’s oldest cleaning solution- there … Continued

The Story of Citrus-O

The story of Citrus-O Carpet Care is a great example of how experience, vision, timing, and a little bit of risk-taking can come together and become an unqualified business success. The journey began in 1982, when Mark Filiatrault, an entrepreneur with a passion for sales and customer service founded High Quality Carpet Cleaning. His dream … Continued


CLEANING UP PET URINE ON YOUR CARPETS   Do you share your household with a pet of some kind? If you do, you are not alone- the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada reports that at least 50% of all Canadian households own some kind of pet, and this number is predicted to continue … Continued

Do You Have Dark Lines Around the Edges of Your Carpeting?

More and more often, our Citrus-O carpet cleaning technicians are finding a phenomenon that on first-glance doesn’t make any sense to our customers- dark lines of what appear to be dirt have formed all along the outer edges of the customer’s wall-to-wall carpeting and often directly under doorways that normally remain closed. This doesn’t make … Continued

Why Cleaning With Orange Is The Only Way To Go!

One of the first questions people ask Citrus-O Carpet Care is, “What does the “O” mean in your name?” and our usual response is that it stands for “Orange.” This becomes obvious once people see the decals on our cleaning vans- delicious looking slices of oranges are rolling down the sides, and prominently featured on … Continued

Clean Carpets Contribute To In-home Air Quality

In the never-ending debate about the pros and cons of hardwood flooring versus carpeting, one of the basic attributes of carpeting that is firmly established is that carpeting acts as a giant filter, trapping and holding dirt, dust, and all sorts of other pollutants that adversely affect the quality of our in-home (or in-business) air. … Continued

Choosing the right (Professional) carpet cleaning company.

Probably the hardest step in the whole process of getting your carpets and upholstery cleaned is picking the right carpet cleaning company to do the work. This is not because there are so many companies to choose from (which there are) but rather because it means inviting (and paying) someone you probably don’t know to … Continued

Success Stories

  • 5 star review  Boyd did his usual excellent and professional carpet cleaning this March. We have used this companies services for six years and have appreciated their care and attention every time. The carpets are clean and dry within a timely manner and the citrus aroma is most pleasant. Laurie H

    thumb Laurie Hardy

    5 star review  Our carpet cleaner was punctual and efficient. He did a very good job at getting the stains out of our carpet which is cream in colour. Wouldn't hesitate to ask Citrus O back again to do another cleaning. Very pleased.

    thumb Connie Bentley

    5 star review  Scott was great. Coffee stains gone. Wonderful scent. And it was dry very fast

    thumb Margaret Wilson
  • 5 star review  Quick, professional, fair pricing, quick drying, and fresh scent. Have done our carpets, couches and beds with them, and each time has been great. First company I ever tried, and will probably never use another.

    thumb Charlene Robertson

    5 star review  Very effective carpet cleaning services!! Highly recommended !!

    thumb cheryl e lee

    5 star review  Excellent customer service! If looking to set up an appointment talk to Curtis. He was extremely helpful, thoroughly explained the process, and even followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the results. Which we were! Our Carpet Tech Bernard went above and beyond during the cleaning. There was a massive black stain right in the middle of our office that he was able to remove and we greatly appreciate it! 10/10 would recommend this service.

    thumb Jennafer Harkness