How to Get Vomit Out of Carpet

The smell of vomit makes it one of the worst stain you’ll need to remove from your carpet.   When dealing with vomit on your carpet, you want to move quick. If you let it sit too long, the stain will set deeper into the carpet fibres. If it settles in for too long, it … Continued

How to Remove Blood Stain from Carpet

Blood stains on your carpet? We wont ask how it got there, but we can give you the best advice on how to remove the stain.   It’s easiest to remove blood when it is still wet. Dried blood stains are harder to remove because the hemoglobin has more time to bind with the carpet. … Continued

How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

If you’ve spilled coffee on your carpet, it can be a little tricky removing the stain. Coffee stains can be difficult to remove because a typical coffee spill creates what is known as a combination stain. Plain coffee has tannins that cause stains similar to a tea or wine spill, which can be difficult to … Continued

How to Get Dog Smell Out of Carpet

Does your dog’s den have a certain musk to it? Even if you don’t notice it anymore, your guests probably do. Unfortunately a dogs smell usually isn’t a great one.   A dog’s smells can be described as moldy or dirty. The smells can be be caused by urine or poo accidents. Even a freshly … Continued

How to Get Dog Pee Out of Carpet

How to get dog pee out of carpet Urine can be the most common pet accident in your house (especially for new pets in training). You need to know how to clean dog urine from carpet. If at all possible, clean up urine as soon as it hits the floor and while it’s still wet. … Continued

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

We all know hand talking and wine drinking don’t mix. But after the second glass it can be easy to forget. As long as you know how to remove the wine stains from your carpet, you should be able to minimize the damage done. Blot the stain immediately. The quicker you can addressing the spill, … Continued


Citrus-O Carpet Care’s focus has always been to provide excellent cleaning results in a safe and efficient manner. One of the most important ways we have achieved this is by basing all of our cleaning solutions on d’limonene- the oil extracted from the orange. Citrus just happens to be Mother Nature’s oldest cleaning solution- there … Continued

The Story of Citrus-O

The story of Citrus-O Carpet Care is a great example of how experience, vision, timing, and a little bit of risk-taking can come together and become an unqualified business success. The journey began in 1982, when Mark Filiatrault, an entrepreneur with a passion for sales and customer service founded High Quality Carpet Cleaning. His dream … Continued


CLEANING UP PET URINE ON YOUR CARPETS   Do you share your household with a pet of some kind? If you do, you are not alone- the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada reports that at least 50% of all Canadian households own some kind of pet, and this number is predicted to continue … Continued

Do You Have Dark Lines Around the Edges of Your Carpeting?

More and more often, our Citrus-O carpet cleaning technicians are finding a phenomenon that on first-glance doesn’t make any sense to our customers- dark lines of what appear to be dirt have formed all along the outer edges of the customer’s wall-to-wall carpeting and often directly under doorways that normally remain closed. This doesn’t make … Continued

Success Stories

  • 5 star review  Quick, professional, fair pricing, quick drying, and fresh scent. Have done our carpets, couches and beds with them, and each time has been great. First company I ever tried, and will probably never use another.

    thumb Charlene Robertson

    5 star review  Gotta be honest, miles above coit. After i had coit in about 8 months ago they didnt seem to get many of the stains out of very new carpet i have. My carpet is sealed so nothing leaks through to underlay so i was surprised theyd didnt do better. And i had their best guy. ( i know people that work there) Anyway, just a way more thorough job by citrus and the carpets are dry very quickly! Ive been cringing at all the stains that resurfaced after coit for months . So this was long overdue. Citrus got them out no problem. Not even a big deal for their technician who was great. No brainer. I wont go any where else in future

    thumb Mat Good

    5 star review  Spring arrived and with the sunlight I realized how grimy my arm chair had become! I called Citrus-O and within a day they were on site at my home. They arrived right on time and I even got a text message plus phone call giving me the heads up that they were on their way. Professional and friendly. Well organized and clean. Efficient too. A pleasure and I'll definitely use them again!

    thumb Sandra Harris
  • 5 star review  Very effective carpet cleaning services!! Highly recommended !!

    thumb cheryl e lee

    5 star review  Boyd did his usual excellent and professional carpet cleaning this March. We have used this companies services for six years and have appreciated their care and attention every time. The carpets are clean and dry within a timely manner and the citrus aroma is most pleasant. Laurie H

    thumb Laurie Hardy

    5 star review  We had our Carpets cleaned by Citrus-O carpet care the other day. The gal on the other end called to confirm our appointment the day of cleaning. Chris the cleaner was very professional, he was on time and did the cleaning with care. Our carpets are clean, smell great and all the little soils are gone. Thank you for a job well done. Highly recommend Citrus-O.

    thumb Kari Lumme