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Save on Carpet Cleaning and more! Now you can save big on our wide array of services. The more you clean, the more you save!

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Save 40% on Citrus-O Carpet Cleaning Services

We are Committed to Keeping Clean Affordable!

Inflation is hard on us all. Times are tough, we are committed to helping you get through this. We are offering the same great service for the same great price you paid last year. Additionally, we have created payment plans to make it easy to keep your home clean and tidy. 

Don’t let your carpets and health suffer. Ask about our Clean More, Save More discounts and new payments to help you protect your home and health. 

We are best known for our Carpet Cleaning services, but did you know we offer a wide array of cleaning services? From Carpet Cleaning services, to Furniture Cleaning, to Vehicle Cleaning to Sanitization & Disinfection – We do it all!  

Why Citrus-O

  • You can trust our fast and efficient service.
  • We have an A+ rating with the BBB.
  • Our Citrus-based cleaning solutions are safe for your family, pets, and the environment.
  • Citrus-O is the natural choice.
  • You’ll love the fresh Citrus scent!

Our Proprietary Products

Other companies cannot match Citrus-O’s results because we use proprietary cleaning products – the Ultra line – that you cannot get anywhere else.

Before & After

Clean Scene

We back up our A+ BBB rating and 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee with a Quality Control division that makes sure the highest standard of service is maintained and our professional promise is delivered to you every time.


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