Do you move furniture?

We move and replace most furniture such as end tables, coffee tables, chairs and sofas. In bedrooms we clean the traffic areas around heavy, large furniture. We do not move pianos, TVs, computers, china cabinets, and other large or fragile items that our technician cannot safely move according to workplace safety regulations and our business insurance. Our technicians use sliders and lift buddies to assist with moving furniture. After your cleaning is complete and the furniture replaced, do not remove the foil pads or foam blocks until the carpets are completely dry. Premature removal of pads and blocks while the carpets are still damp increases the risk of wood or rust stains.

How long will it take to dry?

Average carpet drying time after using a Rotary Drimaster is 1-2 hours; average drying time after using a carpet Wand is 3-12 hours. Average drying time for upholstery is 2-4 hours. Drying times may be affected by factors beyond our control, such as the type and weave of your carpet, type of equipment required to properly complete your cleaning, specialty spot removal, the application of carpet protector, and the air temperature and air circulation in your home. It is best to ask your technician for an estimate at the time of your cleaning.

Application of Ultra Guard may extend drying times for carpet and upholstery, with the benefit that carpets and upholstery stay cleaner longer. To speed up drying times we recommend that you increase air circulation by turning on a fan, turning up the heating system to 21 degrees Celsius (72 degrees Fahrenheit), and opening a window slightly to allow moisture to escape.

We use the Rotary Drimaster as our primary carpet cleaning tool; however, natural fibres (ie. wool), certain types of carpet weave (ie. berber), and damaged carpets are not ideal for cleaning with the Rotary Drimaster and in these situations we may be required to use a carpet Wand.

Does the weather affect my cleaning?

The weather outside does not effect our ability to clean your carpets or your drying time, so you needn’t worry about cleaning on a cold or rainy day. Our equipment is designed to clean effectively in the hot or cold weather, and every van carries a special insulated door-jam that is used to seal off your door that our vacuum and solution hoses must pass through. This means that during the winter your heat stays inside where it belongs, and the cold stays out. In the summer, your air conditioning stays inside and the heat (and bugs!) of summer stay out. Because Citrus-O uses cleaning equipment and technology that removes 85% more moisture during the cleaning process, normal household indoor air temperatures are enough to facilitate regular carpet dry times.

Do you guarantee stain and/or odour removal?

We cannot ethically guarantee 100% stain removal, because no carpet or upholstery is absolutely stain-proof. We also cannot guarantee removal of non-food substances: vomit, medication, urine, makeup, filtration lines or other staining substances. We cannot guarantee removal of stains or spots that have been previously worked on. What we CAN guarantee is that all our Cleaning Technicians are trained in spot removal and will do everything technically correct to try to remove all stains.

To guarantee the removal of odour, you will need to get a Specialty Clean. This is a more technical, time consuming process that not only cleans the surface of the carpet, but also the underlay pad beneath the carpet and even the sub-floor with the use of a specialized tool, the Water Claw, and additional products.

What types of upholstery fabric do you clean?

We can clean most natural and synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics include cotton, cotton blends, leather, linen, and wool. Synthetic fabrics include acetate, micro fibre, nylon, polyester, rayon blends and vinyl. We do not clean silk or 100% rayon.

Do you reuse water?

No. We have separate clean and un-clean water reservoirs in our trucks, and the two never come in contact. Our portable units also have separate water tanks with have an upgraded automatic fresh water filling system and used water removal system.

Can you help with the black filtration lines around the edges of my rooms?

Citrus-O has an exclusive edge cleaning tool that is guaranteed to remove or reduce the black filtration lines that most homes have around the edges of their carpeted rooms. For especially difficult filtration lines, it may take more than one cleaning to reduce or remove the black edges.

Success Stories

  • review rating 5  Spring arrived and with the sunlight I realized how grimy my arm chair had become! I called Citrus-O and within a day they were on site at my home. They arrived right on time and I even got a text message plus phone call giving me the heads up that they were on their way. Professional and friendly. Well organized and clean. Efficient too. A pleasure and I'll definitely use them again!

    thumb Sandra Harris

    review rating 5  Excellent customer service! If looking to set up an appointment talk to Curtis. He was extremely helpful, thoroughly explained the process, and even followed up to make sure we were satisfied with the results. Which we were!Our Carpet Tech Bernard went above and beyond during the cleaning. There was a massive black stain right in the middle of our office that he was able to remove and we greatly appreciate it! 10/10 would recommend this service.

    thumb Jennafer Harkness

    review rating 5  Gotta be honest, miles above coit. After i had coit in about 8 months ago they didnt seem to get many of the stains out of very new carpet i have. My carpet is sealed so nothing leaks through to underlay so i was surprised theyd didnt do better. And i had their best guy. ( i know people that work there) Anyway, just a way more thorough job by citrus and the carpets are dry very quickly! Ive been cringing at all the stains that resurfaced after coit for months . So this was long overdue. Citrus got them out no problem. Not even a big deal for their technician who was great. No brainer. I wont go any where else in future

    thumb Mat Good
  • review rating 5  Our carpet cleaner was kind and professional. He did a very good job and was quick and efficient. I love that it's all natural as we have pets. Very pleased with the service.


    review rating 5  Great service, quick to gave me a quote and appointment , Bruno the guy who came and did the cleaning was very profesional, right on time during our window time appointment. He took his time to do the work, he did not rush at all. Thank you, I will be using your services from now on.

    thumb Hugo Gonzalez

    review rating 5  Very effective carpet cleaning services!! Highly recommended !!

    thumb cheryl e lee