How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

How to Get Coffee Stains Out of Carpet

If you’ve spilled coffee on your carpet, it can be a little tricky removing the stain.

Coffee stains can be difficult to remove because a typical coffee spill creates what is known as a combination stain. Plain coffee has tannins that cause stains similar to a tea or wine spill, which can be difficult to clean by itself. However, if you add cream or milk to your coffee, you have a protein stain to deal with as well.

Regardless of the stain you need to tackle, the key is to act quickly. The faster you can treat the spill, the better your odds are at removing the stain completely.

Steps to Getting Coffee Stains out of Carpet

  1. Just like wine stains or pet accidents, the key is to act quickly. If you are able to get to the stain before the liquid dries, you’ll have a better chance at removing the stain completely.
  2. Blot the stain with some paper towel or a clean white towel. The goal is to gently absorb as much of the liquid as possible before the coffee stain sets in. Avoid scrubbing the coffee stain. This can cause the oils to be absorbed into the carpet, and push the stain in further.
  3. Flush the area of the carpet with no more than 1 cup of cool water. With another clean dish towel or paper towel, continue blotting the area, after applying cold water to the stain.
  4. Liberally apply the Citrus O Coffee & Tea Stain Remover directly to the stain. Allow to dwell for five minutes then lightly agitate (do not distort fiber) and blot excess moisture.

About Coffee & Tea Stain Remover

Citrus-O Coffee and Tea Spot & Stain Remover is ready for the toughest coffee and tea stains. It works on all types of caffeinated and some decaffeinated coffees. Sometimes synthetic dyes may be present in decaffeinated coffee. This will require the visit of a professional cleaning technician.


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