Odour Eliminator

32 FL OZ (1QT) 946mL - Weight 1.1 KG


Citrus-O Odour Eliminator is more than a pleasant fragrance covering up odours. In fact, the fragrance is very light as the sophisticated ingredients go to work directly on the source of the odour, neutralizing it immediately upon contact. Originally formulated for professionals to remove pet urine odour from carpets, Odour Eliminator will remove just about any odour nature can throw at you. Odour Eliminator is effective on all fibers, fabrics and surfaces not harmed by water.

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Eliminates Odours From

• Carpet • Upholstery • Mattresses • Cars • Pet areas and accidents • Clothing • Shoes • Gym Bags • Curtains • And More!

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Citrus-O Odour Eliminator is ready to use. Spray directly on affected area. Odour Eliminator works immediately once it comes in contact with the source of the odour. Odour Eliminator must come in contact with the source to remove the odour. Odours that emanate from below the surface such as carpet padding or upholstery padding, cannot be removed using surface treatment alone – although it could be improved. There are some severe odour situations which will require the visit of a professional cleaning technician.


Water (CAS # 7732-18-5), Proprietary odour neutralizer, Proprietary surfactant and polymer blend, and proprietary citrus fragrance.