Red Wine Spot & Stain Remover

32 FL OZ (1QT) 946mL


Citrus-O Red Wine Spot & Stain Remover is ready for the toughest wine stains. It works on all types of fruit and their natural juice concentrates. Sometimes synthetic dyes can be present which will require the visit of a professional cleaning technician.

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This product is


Safer for

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Green Balance



Old spots or stains

Apply liberally to stained area and allow to dwell for 30 minutes. Lightly agitate and absorb excess moisture. If stain still remains, re-apply spotter to re-dampen spot and allow to dwell until dry.

You’ll love the fresh
citrus scent


For use on carpet or other fabric if tested for safety. Not for use on wool or silk. Test in an inconspicuous area to determine safety for fiber. Use 30 mL (one lq. oz.) for a spot the size of a hockey puck.Fresh accidents: Remove or absorb excess matter from spot. Liberally apply spotter directly to the stain. Allow to dwell for five minutes, then lightly agitate (do not distort fiber) and blot excess moisture. Repeat as needed. Blot all excess moisture. No need to rinse.


Deionized Water (CAS # 7732-98-2), Hydrogen Peroxide (CAS # 7722-84-1), Proprietary surfactant and polymer blend, Glycol Ether PM (CAS # 107-98-2), and proprietary citrus fragrance.