Leather Cleaning

Protect your investment by having your leather products cleaned & protected regularly.

Citrus-O Leather Upholstery Cleaning

Leather Cleaning

Why It Matters

Do you know the number one, most important maintenance step to make your leather furniture last longer? Moisturize. Our professionals have a specialized leather cleaning kit with products that will not only clean the leather but also moisturize it to keep it from drying out and cracking prematurely. 

How We Help

We use professional-grade leather cleaners which remove the toughest soils, safely and gently while leaving your leather clean and moisturized. We can clean your leather sofa, loveseat, chair, and even the leather seats in your car.

What to expect

Our Leather Cleaning Process

1. Preparing

First, our cleaning technician wipes down the leather with a dry towel to remove any dry soils, oils, and grease.

2. Cleaning

Leather cleaner is applied by hand using a clean, white terrycloth towel. This creates the agitation that loosens soils, oils and greases. The product then requires dwell time to suspend soils and lift them to the surface causing the product to haze. Next the piece is buffed with a special leather cleaning mitt that collects excess oils, soils and greases. 

3. Conditioning

After the cleaner is removed, Leather Conditioner is applied with another clean terrycloth towel. This fills in the small cracks in the leather that have dried out and moisturizes the leather. Conditioner protects against future cracking and gives the leather a softer touch. The last step is another dry towel wipe down. This is done to remove any excess moisture from the furniture. Protect your investment – have your leather cleaned regularly.


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