Terms and Conditions


  1. In order for you to earn Referral Rewards (free Premium cleaning), your referral must be a new customer (unique address, phone number and email) for Citrus-O that is not currently in the Citrus-O data-base.
  2. Referral Program only valid for residential cleaning.
  3. Referrals are subject to all of Citrus-O’s normal booking requirements, including current minimum purchase required.
  4. You may refer as many people as you like, but you may only redeem a maximum of three valid Referral Rewards Certificates per cleaning appointment.
  5. Requirements of a valid Referral Rewards Certificate
    1. Must have a unique ID number confirmed by the Booking Agent and Cleaning Technician.
    2. Must not be expired (expires 18 months from date of issue).
    3. Cannot be transferred – must be redeemed for cleaning at the address of the Referral Agent named on the Certificate.  Valid ID may be required.
  6. Minimum 4 area booking required for cleaning appointment with redemption of Referral Rewards Certificates.  Examples:
    1. Minimum booking with 3 valid $88 Certificates. You SAVE $264.  You pay only $88 plus the tax!
    2. Minimum booking with 2 valid $88 Certificates. You SAVE $176. You pay $176 plus applicable taxes.
    3. Minimum booking with 1 valid $88 Certificate.  You SAVE $88.  You pay $264.00 plus applicable taxes.
  7. Your earned areas cleaned for free may be used for satisfying Citrus-O’s minimum booking requirements.
  8. Qualified, named person on the Referral Rewards Certificate may use up to 3 Referral Rewards Certificates towards his/her next cleaning appointment.
  9. Referral Rewards Certificates have no cash value and may only be redeemed for services offered by Citrus-O at the time of redemption. Furnace and Duct cleaning is not one of the services currently available for this program. If area pricing does not apply to the service requested (for example, tile and grout cleaning sold by the square foot) the current dollar value of an “area” will be applied to the cost of the service.
  10. Printed copy of the Referral Rewards Certificate(s) must be supplied to the Cleaning Technician at time of payment.
  11. Referral Rewards Certificates cannot be used towards applicable taxes.  Additional payment method must be supplied for payment of applicable taxes.
  12. Referral Rewards Certificates may not be used to qualify for additional free areas or combined with any other promotion or special offer.
  13. Reservations for referral bookings and bookings to redeem earned free areas must be made through the Citrus-O Call Centre. All reservations are subject to space availability so book early to secure your desired time and date.
  14. The Citrus-O referral program is currently available in the Lower Mainland, the Okanagan Valley, Squamish/Whistler, and the greater Victoria area. If you live outside of these areas or intend to make referrals that live outside of these areas, Citrus-O cannot guarantee service. To determine if service is available, please phone the Citrus-O Call Centre at 1-855-248-7875.
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