“The best carpet cleaning I have ever had!! I will definitely have you back again!!!”

Lilliaan – Coquitlam

“your employee did a great job. he got out stains that Sears and Coit could not”

Deborah – Surrey

”I was extremely happy with the service provided. They were very polite friendly and hard working.  The Technician walked me through the dust test, never had that done before, which allowed me to make a good decision on whether or not I want the sofa and chair cleaned, believe me that was all it took to make my decision. I was thrilled at the end of the cleaning although still wet the carpets looked new. No more pet stains.!!!! They also explained and measured for me the area to have my tile floors grouting cleaned. I will call in the New Year to have that done. I am your loyal customer!!!”

Eileen – Delta

“I am always so impressed. Do you have to pass a personality test to work at Citrus-O? They are courteous and friendly and always do a GREAT job.”

Patricia – Burnaby

“Your tech really made an effort with the edge cleaning, and it worked!”

Karen – Victoria

“The process does a very good job and the technician was terrific! He has done work here before and is another reason I would use you again.”

Wendy – Victoria

“We are quite pleased with the carpet now that it has been cleaned so thoroughly. The citrus aroma is pleasant too.”

Carol – Victoria

“I have had my carpets done by your company as well as others and I have to say that the technician that did my carpets was by far the best. My carpets look incredible. Best service yet.”

Audrey – Maple Ridge

“I would certainly choose Citrus-o again – your tech removed all stains, and was very informative.  This was my third time with Citrus-O. Have always been very happy with the work.”

Pam – Victoria

“Your tech was very professional and hard working!!! there was a lot of work on these carpets….so satisfied with the results!!!now my new home is safe and healthy!!!!! ! Excellent service!!!!!”

Sonya – Cloverdale

“Your tech  was so concerned about the existing stains and did a lot of extra brush scrubbing. He was fantastic. The chair seats came out superbly looking like new. He also gave extra care to the seats. Thank you.”

DesNeiges – Vancouver

“My home and motorhome were cleaned. Very impressed and very pleased!!!  Jerry is the best. My wife was there and said she enjoyed having him there and the work was outstanding.”

Jordan – Brier WA

“Your tech was exceptional in his cleaning, explanation and customer service. I would have him back again. He was very polite and explained different options I might explore for taking out stains in my carpet.”

Bonny – Delta

“Your tech did a #1 job!!! He’s like the Poirot of carpet stains who figures out the cause then gets it out. Great work.

Michael – Vancouver

“Quick drying product and clean smell!”

Elizabeth – Coquitlam

“The cleaning technician was AWESOME. We were behind schedule and he worked with us in the most gracious way. Seriously- you need to give that guy a raise.”

Paul – New Westminster

“Your tech was really great! He was friendly and did an awesome job!”

John – Parksville


Pauline – Burnaby

“The carpet has never come out this clean”

Dianne – Kamloops

”The Technician was very professional and did an amazing job getting some very old stains out.”

Morgan – Vancouver

“Its a little more pricey than most, but the carpets look new!”

Leona – Nanaimo

“We really like the smell in the house after the carpets are cleaned that lasts a few days.”

Susan – Vancouver

“Although I was skeptical at first and this product is somewhat more expensive than other carpet cleaning services offered in the area with the exception of a major brand name. It was well worth the money, overall an excellent service and product. The technician was very patient and knowledgeable.”

Joan – Kamloops

“Bought a house previously owned by a crazy dog rescue lady, who apparently had over 400 dogs through the house in a year. I fully expected the carpets to be a writeoff, but after a consultation, I went for the high end scrubbing/cleaning package, and the dog smells are completely gone.”

Curt – Langley (customer since 2008)

“Our technician, does an excellent job and shows pride of workmanship. We were very happy with the results.  Used Citrus-O many times before.”

Colleen – Delta (customer since 1998)

Spotless clean and a great citrus scent!

Evan – Maple Ridge

“We wanted to let you guys know just how appreciative we are for your company and service. You guys have a great product where you’re using natural cleaning products. I can’t imagine why anyone would intentionally use harsh chemicals in their home. Everyone at CitrusO are so polite, knowledgeable and professional, not something you find everyday these days. Then there’s the technician. We’ve had a blatant dark spot on our carpet, in a very open spot, which no other cleaners could remove (We were always told it CAN’T be removed). I told the Technician that several cleaners have tried to remove that obvious spot and for him to not worry about it. What a pleasant shock for us, to see the stain completely removed, when the Technician was finished with the cleaning. The rest of the house looks great too, awesome work.  Thanks CitrusO! You have earned a lifetime customer.”

Dan – Surrey

“Your tech was efficient and informative.  The results-clean carpet.”

Elizabeth – Delta

“First time my carpets have really looked clean after having them cleaned. Wish I had used you before.”

Janet – Nanaimo

“Gave a lot of helpful advice for keeping the carpet clean in between services. Also informed me on the sealant and it’s benefits.”

Emily – Langley

“Service was excellent. The young man who did the job was thorough and really made an effort”

Gillian – Vancouver

“Excellent service, great rep, very satisfied with cleaning results”

Franklin – Ladner

“Your tech was very professional, explained and went over all the procedures.  Everything contained in the advertisements are true.

Julie – Surrey

“I got my carpets done May 14th. I’m selling my house and wanted my carpets perfect, and my cleaning tech did an amazing job, he worked so hard on stains i thought would never come out and spent more time then what was expected of him.”

Chris – Burnaby

“The technician who came to my home was a lovely person.  The technician I had last year was very professional, and this year’s was even more so.”

Nancy – Langley

“Your service rep, represents your company very well. I would give your company return business based on his work ethic and thoroughness.”

Bruce – Campbell River

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