Carpet Cleaning

Our competitive pricing includes cleaning, spot removal, sanitizing, and deodorizing. Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at your door with a selection of our best and safest cleaning solutions.

The Citrus-O Way

Why Citrus-O
Carpet Cleaning Services

100%-Satisfaction Guarantee

At Citrus-O we understand that it can be challenging to find a reputable, professional company to let into your home. That is why we want to put your mind at ease – we guarantee our work. We are fully insured and bonded and have over 30 years of experience with thousands of satisfied customers.

Fast Drying Carpets

We use the most advanced carpet and upholstery cleaning technology, including the Rotovac 360.

1-2 hours

Carpet Drying Time

2-4 hours

Upholstery Drying Time

An Allergen-Free Home with
a Fresh Citrus Scent

Our Rotovac 360 carpet cleaner loosens dirt and thoroughly cleans all sides of the carpet fibres. We steam clean your carpets, flushing and removing deeply embedded soils.

Stain and Odour Free Carpets

We pay special attention to spots, stains, and pet odours. Our expert carpet technicians come fully prepared to deal with common house spills and stains like coffee, tea, wine, nail polish, paint, juice, and more.

Convenient, Reliable Service

Our carpet cleaning technicians are fully trained and available 7 days a week.

What to expect

Thorough Carpet Cleaning Process

Restore your carpet and reduce health problems caused by harmful household bacteria with professional carpet cleaning from Citrus O. We use only the best natural cleaning products to ensure our carpet cleaning services are cleaner, drier, and safer than the rest.

1. Visit

Our professional carpet cleaning technicians will arrive at your door with a selection of our best and safest cleaning solutions

2. Inspection

We conduct an initial inspection

3. Cleaning

Thoroughly clean your carpets using our portable Rotovac 360 carpet cleaner and our orange citrus pre-treatment solutions to clean, deodorize, and sanitize.

What to do before your carpet cleaner arrives?

Before our arrival, we ask that you move any breakables safely out of the cleaning area, and then do a thorough vacuum of the areas to enhance your cleaning.

Add upholstery cleaning and save even more!

Manufacturer’s recommend the application of Ultra Guard Plus fabric protector after every professional cleaning to help your carpets & upholstery stay cleaner, brighter, fresher, newer longer.


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